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What is My School Like?

In this unit, the students will investigate their school environment. They will identify the people and things which make up their classroom. They will describe the classroom as the environment where they learn and will focus on routines which facilitate their learning. The students will analyse the physical outlay of the classroom and will create a new plan for it. They will reflect upon times when they feel happy and safe in the classroom. They will appreciate the fact that they have rights and responsibilities and will create a set of class rules to follow. The students will identify ways in which they can care for the class environment and will create a commitment to doing this. The students will then focus on the people in the school who help them. They will identify and name people in the school, interview them and describe their jobs. They will identify one of these people and describe how they fulfil their needs. The students will then investigate different places within the school, their features and how these are related to their purpose. They will create a 3dimensional representation of a specific area of the school, showing its special features. The students will then focus on how to care for the school. They will create a fair test to investigate what happens to different types of rubbish. They will discuss how rubbish is removed from the school and will jointly create an exposition arguing why we should put rubbish in the bin. Finally, the students will analyse the different areas of the playground and identify where it is safe for them to play.
Early Stage One
Content Strand:
English, Maths, H.S.I.E, Science and Technology, P.D, Health and P.E.
Word Document
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