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Designing a Theme park

This unit has been designed to help deepen the students’ understanding of the design of a theme park. The students will be given the following task. “The department of tourism has decided to build a new theme park to try and attract more visitors to your state. They want this park to be Australia’s latest and greatest theme park. You have been put in charge of designing and making a model of this park.” The students will initially work in groups and investigate a chosen theme park already in existence. They will then vote for a theme for their park. The students will work in groups and design a park around this theme. Each group will present their design to the other students and the best design will be decided upon and used for the design and make task. The students will then be divided into groups and will be allocated a part of the park to design and make. Finally the parts of the park will be put together to form the model. The students will then be required to make a presentation to the department of tourism.

12 Sessions
Content Strand:
Built Environments
Word Document
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